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Enjoy your after-bath relaxation and entertainment at night with our facilities.

Within our inn there are many sections that our guests can explore.We hope that you will use them for relaxation.

Massage room image

Massage room

Hotspring + Massage for a moment of bliss

Release all the tension in your body in the massage room.
The after-bath room, "Deaigawa," has a professional therapist who can provide a refreshing experience with foot and body care.

Riraku image

Take in the natural powers of minerals inside of you

A low-temp sauna using the natural powers of minerals.
The increased metabolism will help recover your fatigue and to release toxins in your body, and to speed up your natural recovery.
Enjoy this relaxing experience.
Combine with your hotspring bathing to make it all the more effective.

Fee1,620 yen (50 minutes)

Private individual rock bath,Riraku

Riraku image

Enjoy the calming interior.

Caressed by the gentle breeze.

Use for a brisk walk after the hotspring.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in this calming space.

You can use the available internet to plan for tomorrow, or enjoy an espresso while listening to your favorite CD at this terrace lounge, "Toki." In this calming interior, find your own "relaxing time."

TerraceLounge Toki

TerraceLounge Toki

Enjoy a luxurious moment of relaxation in this vast open space.

The spacious lobby lounge, "Iisa," has a calming
atmosphere where you can relax.

Lobby Lounge Iisa image

Lobby Lounge Iisa image

Lobby Lounge Iisa

Lobby Lounge Iisa image




ic wifi

All buildings have Wi-Fi available. FREE SPOT

Please use it for email or gathering information for tourist locations.

Our inn has wireless LAN access points throughout the building for free internet and email.

PCs are available for use at the open terrace lounge, "Toki."

Internet connection

To connect to the internet, please use your PC with wireless LAN function or a wireless LAN receiver/card. Connect with 11Mbps(IEEE802.11b) or 54Mbps(IEEE802.11g) compatible PCs, PDAs, cell phones, or portable game devices.


We cannot provide any support for your PC. Thank you for your understanding.

We will be waiting for your visit to this elegant and calming atmosphere.

A Horigotatsu (low table over a heating source underneath) where you can relax.

There are 23 private rooms available.

With your yukata on, wander around to this restaurant for gourmet food and drink.

Please visit restaurant "Nanohanakouji" for gourmet cuisine.
We have Horigotatsu (low tables over heating source underneath) and chair seating available for a total of 23 rooms that can accommodate from couples to large groups.


Restaurant,Nanhanakouji image