Banquet cuisine with 3 choices

Three banquet menus are available for your selection; a standard banquet menu using seasonal ingredients and traditional Shinshu vegetables; a grade-up banquet menu with a playful original course line-up, and; a premium banquet menu with each dish made with the utmost care.

Abura Fondue

Specialty menu Abura Fondue

This is our original oil fondue based on our name "Aburaya." Because you will deep fry the ingredients yourself, it is guaranteed to be freshly cooked.
Please enjoy the natural flavors of the ingredients.
Ingredients with the Shinshu brand and locally-sourced vegetables are selected and prepared with profound flavors.
It is also perfect to be enjoyed with sake.

Shinshu Premium Beef

Shinshu Premium Beef

"Shinshu Premium Beef" has marbling with a soft texture that melts in your mouth. The softness and texture unique to Japanese beef can be fully enjoyed here.

Shinshu Salmon

Shinshu Salmon

"Shinshu Salmon" was created over a 10 year period crossbreeding rainbow trout and brown trout in Nagano prefecture. They have a smooth texture and they melt in your mouth with a rich flavor.

The greatest care in ingredients

Traditional Shinshu Vegetables

Traditional Shinshu Vegetables

With the greenery of the mountains, the clean water, and the rich soil, the vegetables of Shinshu are grown in this beautiful natural scene. Regional traditions are embraced and nurtured, providing many flavors and fragrances not found anywhere else.

Koshihikari Rice Grown in Kijimadaira

Koshihikari Rice Grown in Kijimadaira

The elusive "Koshihikari Rice Grown in Kijimadaira" is known to be the best sushi rice since times of old. It is sticky and sweet even when it is cold.

Breakfast Guide

2 selections of healthy breakfast using local ingredients

For breakfast above the rank of "Touka", you may select either the buffet or private room service.
The buffet will have healthy vegetable selections in Japanese and Western styles. Japanese or Western cuisine can be selected for private room dining.

Over 50 selections of Japanese and Western menu, complete with fruit and dessert

We have both Japanese and Western selections to satisfy all of our guests' tastes.
Salads made with fresh vegetables or side dishes that perfectly go with rice are among the many available selections.
There are also desserts available with a total selection of 50. Enjoy a satisfying breakfast to start your day.

Relax and enjoy the bright and spacious breakfast hall


1. Fluffy and warm  2. Many side dishes to accompany rice 3. Fresh salad for a healthy choice
4. A variety of desserts popular with our female guests


Please enjoy our cuisine in a quiet and calming atmosphere.



Japanese and Western cuisine selections

We prepare both Japanese and Western styles of cuisine. Both are prepared with the utmost care in ingredients. Please select what you happen to prefer that day.

Private Dining Nanohanakouji